entry of moto

   entry of moto. (image by: vivien chin)

This is by far one of my favorite restaurants in NYC.  Great atmosphere and food.  Moto is located in  Williamburg (Brooklyn, for all the non-NY people).  It is right under the Hewes stop off the JMZ.  I was introduced to it by my friends Matt and Danny who live a couple blocks from it.  The restaurant is small and can get pretty busy but it is worth the wait.  They serve French style food and have live music that is pretty awesome and makes me think of New Orleans, or what I would imagine music in New Orleans might include.  I've only been there for dinner, but I've heard from Alison and Kristin that brunch is pretty yummy so I'll have to try it some time.  What do I suggest to get?....EVERYTHING.  That probably won't work out, but seriously everything on the menu is delicious.  My favorites are the artichoke with saffron mayo, mac and cheese, risotto, date cake with warm toffee sauce, and creme brulee.   SAVE ROOM FOR DESSERT!  The date cake is the best and a must try.  You'll definitely leave here with a very satisfied tummy.

394 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 599-6895


Some old photos of the interior.  This place has been around for awhile.  Not much has changed except for a few more cool items scattered around that have been collected over the years.  It's pretty awesome.

moto interior (image from:

  moto interior (image from: )


moto interior (image from:

  moto interior (image from: )

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