the plants that just keep on growing...

parsley egg parsley pot


 (images by: vivien chin)

So for a Secret Santa Xmas 2007 Jeannie got me one of those plants that you grow in an egg shaped, ceramic container (picture 1).  It was pretty cute and I thought it was awesome to have the little guy around on my desk.  The Italian parsley started to out grow the egg so I repotted it (picture 2, taken this morning) and it is still growing today!  I have no idea how and I haven't added any fertilizer or any plantfood to help it.  I didn't think it would last this long.  The base of the parsley plants are so thick now that they look more like parsley trees than anything else. 

 The other plant is my basil plant in my apartment (picture taken this last weekend).  It's practically the same age as the parsley.  I purchased it at the Union Square Farmer's Market as a super tiny seedling.  These 2 plants are amazing.  Will they make it to another Xmas?  I don't see why not?  SUPERPLANTS!!!

Here's one of the sites I've found that sells the little egg plants if you want to get one yourself. They have all different kinds of plants:

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