my comfy niche

final-chair-01 After all these furniture and design postings I got a little nostagic for my chair/lounge.  I wish it was here in NY with me.  Many comfy naps in it were definitely had by myself and others.  Those who went to school with me already are familiar with it, but for those who didn't here's some background. 

This was part of my 5th yr thesis project in college as well as an entry for a furniture design competition held yearly by a local contemporary furniture store, Vellum.  I bent and welded the rebar frame and hand wove the fabric weave from belting material commonly used for backpack straps (many many hours of weaving!).  It was a really fun project and even better that I came out with a comfy lounge that fits me perfectly.  The concept idea behind my design was to create something that had a variety of ways to sit and lounge.  There's no right way it sit or lie in it and I even did a photoshoot and study of how people decided to sit in it.  It was pretty intrested to watch as people decided how they wanted to sit in it.  Too many options I suppose!

final-chair-03 back view

final-chair-04 deatail - the weave

final-chair-02 happy lounger

final-chair-05 sleepy lounger  (images by: vivien chin)