pineapple juice @ grays papaya

grays papaya Heading home after the gym today, I was craving some ice-cold pineapple juice from Gray's Papaya up in the Upper West Side.  So I stopped in for a cup of it.  I like their hotdogs too which is what they are known for, but definitely their juices are really tasty (they have pina colada and papaya as well, among others).  Pineapple is by far my favorite.  It's so ice cold and I always drink it so fast that I get momentary brain freeze...haha...very worth it though.  Love the brown mustard there too!  Must have been high fashion day today too because I saw 3 women with Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Burberry purses with the clothes to match those high end bags.  Goes to show no one is too rich to stop in for a a plain ol' hotdog. 

They have their "Recession Special" there which is 2 hot dogs plus a drink for I think $4.25 or so.  2 yrs ago, it was $3.75 when I moved to NY and much more worth it then (considering the price of the drink alone at regular price is $3.75). 

Location:  Broadway @ W 72nd St.  (right across from the 72nd St stop on the 1,2,3) (image from NY Times)

Posted on May 8, 2009 and filed under places, restaurants & food.