snoballs - new orleans style

P5120422nectarine snoball

blackberry cream snoball blackberry cream snoball

Plum st 01 plum st. snoball stand

Plum Street 02 plum st. snowballs sign

"Snoballs" (or "snowballs") are the New Orleans version of a snowcone, but soo much better and made differently.  Snoballs are made of shaved ice which results in a fluffy, fine, snow like consistency versus snowcones which are made of lumpier, crushed ice.  Plum St. is supposed to be one of the best in New Orleans so I went there.  Hansen's is supposed to be good as well.  You can get them in a S,M,L cup or S,M,L pail like the one in the sign above that looks like a takeout box.  I saw some people order the large pail, but I have no idea how you can consume that much snoball!  I tried the nectarine flawor and it was delicious!!  Highly recommend going there if you are in New Orleans.  Here's an article with more background on snoballs.


Plum St. Snowballs 1300 Burdette St New Orleans, LA 70118

(images by: vivien chin)

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