fuz @ ICFF

fuz ppl and dogs"corky" (left) & "dusty" (right) w/felt dog eraser

fuz couple hug placemats

fuz napkin hugs napkin hugs (rubber)

fuz napkin hugs green napkin hugs (wool felt)

FUZ (company by Josh Jakus) had some really fun products at the show.  All the products shown are made from recycled materials and/or excess material waste from factories (wool felt, wood, cork, rubber, etc).  Very sustainable!  I got a black rubber napkin hug as a takeaway!  It was my favorite takeaway from the show.  All their products can be purchased on the FUZ site.  Pleased to hear that FUZ is a Josh Jakus company.  I have one of his UM bags made from recycled industrial felt and think it's a really great design.

(images by: vivien chin) (napkin hugs images from FUZ)