cafe habana

cafe habana cafe habana_grilled corn

cafe habana_fish tacos

Cafe Habana is one of my favorite lunch spots on the edge of SoHo.  Really delicious Cuban-Mexican food.  A must-have is the grilled corn (shown above) which is topped with cheese, a little chilli powder, and a side of lime.  It is the best thing ever.  The fried plantains are also one of my top picks.  My favorite entrees are the fish tacos (shown above) and the sincronizada which is similar to a quesadilla in form, having 2 tortillas with cheese and avocado in the middle.  The meat version, sincronizada toluca, has chorizo added to it and is also very delicious.  Brunch is excellent there as well.  They have some of the best french toast with scrumptious fresh fruit and syrup. 

It's a small place so you can expect a wait if you go during busy times, but I think it's well worth it if you have the time.  I've waited almost an hour for brunch one during winter because I really wanted some of their french toast.  (i'm a french toast lover!).  If you can't wait, just around the corner there is the Cafe Habana to-go shop which serves the same food, but you can grab it to go and eat elseware or try and grab on of the few seats they have in there.  Highly recommend eating here!


17 Prince St (between Elizabeth St & Mott St) New York, NY 10012 (212) 625-2002