excessive cola drinking = paralysis

cola Watch out cola addicts...Caught a headline on today one of those Metro papers they pass out every morning on your way to the subway and it said that cola could cause paralysis.  So I skimmed the article in a paper that someone had just left on the seat next to me.  Continually consuming large amounts of cola greatly lowers potassium, calcium, and mineral levels and can cause rapid demineralization of of teeth and bones, with leads to rapid drops in potassium, muscle mass loss, and then muscles weakening to the point of paralysis. 

Sounds all pretty scary considering how much soda people consume all the time.  I think you have to drink more than 3 liters or so of cola a day for it to be a problem.  (Some of the studies tested people for 2-9 liters of cola consumption).  I can't fathom drinking that much soda, but then again there was a woman on tv who drank on average 70 cafe lattes a week so I suppose anythings possible.  So not to fear for all of us just occasional cola drinkers.  Having some cola with a well balanced diet is just fine.  I suppose it's just like anything else, if you have waaaaay too much of one thing it's bound to cause your body harm.

Posted on May 20, 2009 and filed under pop culture, random words.