haw flakes

haw flakes A snack from when I was a little kid!  Found these at a Chinese grocery store the other day and I just had to get them!  Not to mention a 10 pack of these firecracker-looking packages was only 39 cents!  Amazing.  That's like the cheapest thing I've gotten at a store in a very long time.

They taste just as I remember them and I'm pretty positive the packaging hasn't changed at all (no rebranding for them!)  Decided to look up what exactly makes up a haw flake because I never knew.  These sugary little discs, that are probably only slightly bigger than a nickel, are made from the hawthorn fruit.  I guess if you wanted to compare the taste to something, they would remind you of those natural fruit leathers you get at the grocery store. Consistency is chewy and slightly brittle.

(image from flickr)

Posted on May 27, 2009 and filed under etc-, restaurants & food.