transformers_optimus primeOptimus Prime

transformers_bumblebee Bumblebee

Transformers were definitely one of my favorite cartoons growing up.  Saw the Transformers 2 movie last night and it wasn't as bad of a sequel as I expected.  Always skeptical about sequels.  First movie's usually the better one.  The dialog was lacking (but goes along with the cheeziness that the cartoon had at times), the storyline wasn't too bad actually, but if you're going to this movie it's all about the Transformer ACTION!!  The choreographed fight scenes between the autobots and decepticons were amazing!  Really great job on the animations.  Michael Bay of course does what he does best and that is explosions of which there were many.  There's things blowing up every second.  Definitely wasn't disappointed.  New characters introduced too that were fun.  But I'm definitely a HUGE fan of Bumblebee (one of the classics!), his fight scene in the end is really good.  Miss him as the VW Bug, but the new yellow Camero is a good update for him.  Better to see all these explosions and fights on the big screen for sure.

Posted on June 27, 2009 and filed under pop culture.