nathan's hot dog eating contest 2009

What better way to celebrate July 4th than to watch men and women stuff hot dogs in their faces for 10 mins?  Went to Coney Island today to check out Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest.  Happens every year on July 4th at Coney Island at noon or so.  Nathan's Hot Dogs has been putting on this contest since 1916 where people then only ate about 10 hot dogs in the alotted time (12 mins originally, but now down to 10 mins.) versus this year's contest which resulted in the consumption of 68 hot dogs.  Most everyone there was rooting for Joey Chesnut (last year's winner) or Takeru Kobayashi (6 time winner).  Personally I was rooting for Kobayashi.  Nothing crazier than a little japanese guy beating huge american opponents at an eating contest.  Where does he put all that food?  I can't image eating 10 hot dogs let alone over 60.  Unfortunately, Chesnut won with 68 hot dogs against Kobayashi's 64.5 hot dogs.  There's always next year... hot dog contest 03Swearing in the all important judges

hot dog contest 02The competitors...Chesnut and Kobayashi are dead center

hot dog contest 01The eating continues on for 10 mins...

hot dog tableThe long table of water cups for hot dog bun dunking

chesnut_kobayashiThe head to head battle between Joey Chesnut (left) & Takeru Kobayashi (right)

sonya thomasSonya Thomas can definitely hold her own against the boys in this contest.


(images by: vivien chin)