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One of my favorite Greek restaurants.  It is located in the Upper Weset Side.  A must have appetizer is the pita with 4 spreads shown above.  It is sooo tasty.  Warm pita with 4 spreads--tzatziki, eggplant, caviar, & chickpea with sundried tomato--is my favorite appetizer.  Entrees that are also good there are: Grilled swordfish; Pan seared striped bass; Sheep's milk ravioli with brown butter and sage (MY FAVE!); Flat pasted with pulled braised rabbit and graviera cheese. 

Usually have dinner there which is delicious, but had brunch there today with Jeff, Laura, and Justin today and it was scrumptious!  I had the French toast which is a given since I LOVE French Toast and am determined to try the French Toast at all my favorite restaurants.  The pancakes were very tasty too with the lemon zest infused flavor as well as the Eggs Benedict.  All these are worth trying for brunch.


Kefi 505 COLUMBUS AVE NEW YORK CITY 10024 212.873.0200
Posted on August 2, 2009 and filed under restaurants & food.