trick: vermouth_wine swap

noilly_prat A little trick I learned recently from Julia Child's cookbook that I have.  If you don't have white wine to cook with or don't know which one to pick, dry vermouth is a perfect substitute.  I tried this out with the mushroom risotto recipe I posted on an earlier posting and it worked PERFECTLY!  The risotto was delicious and flavorful!  I often forget to pick up the white wine when cooking risotto, but with this new vermouth substitute, it's easier to just buy a bottle and keep it in the cupboard.  For less than $10 it's a good choice that you can use to cook with serveral times before running out.  Chose to use the Noilly Prat brand of dry vermouth and it worked out well for me.  Tasty risotto.  YUM!

Posted on November 15, 2009 and filed under etc-, recipes.