top of central park_ice skating

View of the lake next to Lasker Rink.  Mini iceberg in the foreground!!

Last week I went up to the top of Central Park for the first time to go ice skating at Lasker Rink.  Typically I go to Bryant Park to ice skate because it is free if you have ice skates (which I do), but the line is always so long on the weekends with the Times Square/Holiday Market crowds.  Especially since last weekend was a holiday weekend it was worse.  Decided to try Lasker Rink instead.  It's one of the 2 outdoor ice rinks in Central Park--the other being the more famous Wollman rink that you see in movies all the time.  Lasker is cheaper than Wollman and definitely less crowded than Bryant Park.  Definitely a lot more fun to skate when you don't feel like you are trapped in a sardine can.  Now that I've tried ice skating at Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, and Lasker Rink, I guess Wollman is the last one I need to try of outdoor ice rinks in Manhattan.

Lasker is right off the 110st stop on the 1,2,3 train

(images by: vivien chin)

Posted on December 5, 2009 and filed under places.