central park snow walk

Took a walk to Central Park to check out the snow action there.  The Natural History Museum (above) is looking really pretty with the snow cover on the ground.  Any time I see fresh snow I can't resist putting a nice new footprint in it!

These guys looks like Santa Claus with the snow.

It was cute to watch this little boy get pulled down the hill by his dad.  I wish i had a sled! I just used my butt instead to slide down a few small hills.  Just as enjoyable.

The Gazebo by the lake is looking especially pretty today.

Slid down one face of this giant boulder covered in snow.  Fun stuff.

Thin Ice!  Guess I shouldn't be Nordic skiing across then.

The ducks and birds decided to do a little ice skating of their own. 

Really fun watching these kids sled down the hillside. Some were better than others at it. haha.

(images by: vivien chin)

Posted on December 20, 2009 and filed under etc-, places.