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The courageous secretary who helped Otto Frank hide his family & friends from Nazis during World War II as well as preserved the Diary of Anne Frank passed away yesterday at age 100.  I've always enjoyed reading the story of Anne Frank.  I still find it incredible that they were able to hide for so long and that Miep was able to sneak food and supplies to them--providing her help not to be a hero, but because she felt it was just human duty to help those in need.

If you haven't read the Diary of Anne Frank, definitely pick up a copy and try reading it.  I think it's worth reading.  The book chronicles Anne's time and experiences in hiding during the Holocaust before her and her family were taken to the concentration camps.  It's unfortunate that only her father, Otto Frank survived the camps.  Your efforts won't be forgotten Miep.

Posted on January 12, 2010 and filed under books, pop culture.