crazy weather & broken umbrellas (no flying cows)


Today was insane!!  Like a hurricane...haha...hurricane New York.  I went out for brunch thinking..."oh's just a little rain, no biggie".  Horizontal rain and strong winds rendered my umbrella useless.  While crossing the street, the wind blew so hard it pulled me across the intersection diagonally.  I could barely fight the wind.  Justin had to help pull me in the opposite direction just the get across the street.  Ridiculous!  I couldn't stop laughing the whole way...haha.  Although after I got across, I then realized I totally could have gotten hit by a crossing car.  Kinda scary.  Glad my Mary Poppins moment ended quick.  It looked so graceful when she did it!  That moment shredded my umbrella for sure and as I continued down the street I saw tons of broken umbrellas rolling around.  One of the banners on the lamp post flew off and totally almost hit someone.  Kept thinking of that movie Twister and wondering if I'd see a flying cow... You know it's a bad storm day when the "UMMMBRELLA....UUUUMBRELLA!!!" guys aren't standing on the corners to sell you cheapo umbrellas in a pinch.

(image from flickr)

Posted on March 13, 2010 and filed under etc-.