shakespeare in the park review

So here was part of the line as I headed up to one of the 2 places you are allowed to go when waiting in line for tickets--the bathroom and the cafe. After many rounds of UNO, napping, and watching the USA unfortunately get knocked out of the World Cup, we all got tickets for the show.

Merchant of Venice was amazing.  Al Pachino was awesome.  I got front from center tickets!!!!!!!!!!   Al Pachino probably spit on me at some point in the play.  He was amazing as Shylock.  I was also extremely ecstatic to see that Jesse L. Martin was in the play as well.  I love him best as Tom Collins from RENT!  Jesse even sang a little in the play. What a voice (If only I could have seen him live in RENT).   To see him live was just greatness.  To add to the star madness, Jesse Tyler Ferguson who plays Mitchell from ABC's "Modern Family" was part of the cast that really brought Shakespeare's, Merchant of Venice to life.  Go stand in line for free tickets or get virtual tickets.  I don't care how you do it, but this it's a must see.  A pound of flesh!

(image by: vivien chin)