everything outside is delicately muted_sukkah city

Global Sand Architekten....

Dave, Hannah, Justin & myself designed this entry for this year's Sukkah City Competition.  The Competition was to design a "Sukkah"--a temporary structure built during the Jewish Harvest Festival of Sukkot.  The basic parameters are that they: be temporary, have at least two and a half walls, be big enough to contain a table, and have a roof made of shade-providing organic materials through which one can see the stars.  12 were picked and built in Union Square here in NY.  They stood for the last 2 days and the People's Choice will be the one that remains standing for the rest of the festival.

Design basics: lace cube providing the veil between you and the outside while still having a connection to it,  a small grove of trees that  float above you within metal sleeves, all atop brick ruins.

Our entry wasn't picked, but I still think it's an awesome design and had a great time designing it!  The best brainstorming happening over dim sum of course :).  You can check out the rest of the entries and winners at www.sukkahcity.com

Posted on September 21, 2010 and filed under art & architecture.