sleep no more



"Sleep No More" is a site specific, modern adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth put on by Punchdrunk Theatre Company.  The play is performed in the McKittrick Hotel - 3 linked warehouses in Chelsea that have been gutted and installed with a maze of rooms to explore and witness events unravel in front of you.  Veering away from the traditional stage performance, the "Sleep No More" experience is one that is reminiscent of a "choose your own adventure" book you would read when you are little.  All spectators wear Venetian style masks, keeping their anonymity [from eachother and to the actors], as they wander from room to room.  There is no set path.  There are things going on everywhere simultaneously, different characters to follow around, and every person will come out having their own unique experience.  I've included a video from Cool Hunting's behind the scenes look as some of the sets.

I'm going to see it this Saturday.  I can't wait!


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(images from Cool Hunting)

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