women's day (special surprise!)

Nummynims is celebrating International Women's Day today and all those strong & amazing women out there by offering 20% off all purchases today!  

Enter code "womensday" at checkout.  Discount valid till end of day March 8, 2016 only.

Visit shop link above or www.nummynims.com to find your next cool piece to add to your collection!


(image by: vivien chin)

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renegade craft fair


Nummynims has just applied for a spot at the Renegade Craft Fair this May in Brooklyn.  Fingers crossed that we'll be lucky enough to get chosen to be showcased with the rest of the awesome designers.  Keep posted for updates!

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13.1 miles...here i come!

Completed a 9 mile training run today and I promised I'd sign up for the 2016 MORE/SHAPE Women's Half Marathon!  This will be my first Half Marathon.  It will be exciting to run with other awesome women in Central Park on April 17, 2016.  

1.5 months of training to go.   Finish line here I come!!!  I will conquer you half marathon.


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The road to running my first half marathon...

Long distance running.  3 words I never thought I'd ever utter or do, but the last almost 4 weeks have proven otherwise!  (And in the middle of a NY winter no less).  Thankfully the snow has been kept to just the one huge blizzard as I started training with about 10 weeks to go til my first half marathon.

End goal is to run the 2016 Shape Women's Half Marathon in Central Park on April 17.  I haven't signed up yet, figuring I'd try running on a training plan while monitoring progress each week.  Everyday I made baby steps in personal best progress, including trying to run in 19 degree weather (I don't recommend it...think...eyeballs frozen).  It wasn't until my long run at the end of week 3, last Sunday, that I felt it was a possibility.  I ran 8 miles for the first time in my life!  I was ecstatic.  The change over these weeks has surprising to watch: went from barely being able to run 1 mile without stopping to walk at week 1, to hitting 4 miles only a short work week prior to the 8 mile feat.  The half marathon felt like more of a possibility that day!

As I come to the end of week 4 training, I can't say it's been easy to get up in the morning and push through the training runs, but I do what I can to get out.  Best effort counts right??  This week's long run on the weekend will be 9 miles.  When I complete that, I'll sign up for the big race.  The rest of training won't be easy, I'm finding it hard to push through, but it's motivating to think of running with all the other women and friends (Laura will be running too again!).   Support group is key.  Laura & Justin ran the NY Marathon last year and they are my cheerleaders everyday.

I've tried to document my progress on Strava and with photos.  Here are a few of my favorite pics showing monuments I see, weather I encounter, and sites I'd never thought I'd reach by running to them instead of biking.   Follow me here, on instagram, and all other social media for more updates.  See you at the finish line!

(images by: vivien chin) 

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architect...with a capital A

"Be it known that..." I can finally call myself an Architect!  It all became official earlier this week that I am now licensed in New York and yesterday I received this certificate in the mail to commemorate it.  Feels great to have all that hard work finally pay off.

One last test and I hope to be licensed in California also.  Time to hit the books again, but celebrations are in order!  Thanks to all those that supported me through the whole process thus far.  Sending positive study vibes to all those taking the AREs...you're almost there!

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holiday cheer sale - save 10% off


Time to get a jump on your holiday shopping for the special ones in your life or better yet, just treat yourself to something fun!

A few more weeks left to get 10% off your entire purchase in the nummynims shop. Valid on everything in the shop now through 11/30/2015.  Just enter code "HOLIDAYCHEER" at checkout.  The red bar at the top of the website will help remind you when crunch time comes! Happy shopping!

Shop online now using site link above or go to:  www.nummynims.com/shop 


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figures in a clear bamboo forest

An acrylic forest serves as the backdrop for these minimal yet spectacular takes on traditional clothing from Asia.  The white on white details help bring focus to the shapes, draping, and details.  Excerpts from the "China through the Looking Glass Exhibit" at the Met Museum in NYC.  On Display now through September 7.  Just extended the schedule

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This has to be the best news for the July 4th weekend.  Finally passed all 7 ARE exams for an Architecture License!  A grueling & frustrating process, but it's now complete.   Couldn't be happier to see "PASS" big and bold on my last structures exam.  I give myself this Gudetama trophy in celebration:


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the tempest_shakespeare in the park


Always a pleasure to see the yearly Shakespeare in the Park performances at the Delacorte theatre in Central Park.  This years performance of "The Tempest" had great set design and performances by all the actors.  Including acrobatics!  Tickets free as always if you don't mind a short morning picnic in line.  Relaxing in the park is something I can never turn down.   Make sure to check out the play when you can.



(images by: vivien chin) 

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morning vs night - hong kong


This morning vs. last night's arrival to Hong Kong.  Always love the signature bamboo scaffolding on high rise construction. View from hotel room.  Harbor and bridge peaking through in the distance. Bring on the humidity!


(images by: vivien chin)

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