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much ado about nothing_in the park

This year's Shakespeare in the Park started off great with a performance of Much Ado About Nothing.  Really funny and well cast.  It's the last week so go see it if you have a chance.  Free tickets if you wait in line at Central Park. Watch the sunrise warm up and city and have a relaxing picnic day at the park while you wait in line with friends.  It's worth it.  Or enter the virtual lottery online if waiting isn't your thing.


Can't wait for the 2nd play of the summer, King Lear, starring John Lithgow.   Starting soon!


(images by: Vivien Chin)

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the wrong house_alfred hitchcock

bates house & motel from "Psycho"

brenner house from "The Birds"

newton house from "Shadow of a Doubt"

Architecture of a cinema great Alfred Hitchcock.  "The Wrong House--The Architecture of Alfred Hitchcock" by Steven Jobs has piqued my curiosity.  

'The drawings are “reconstructions of spaces that never existed,” Jacobs says, and as such, they don’t always make sense architecturally.'


(images and quote via arch daily & design boom

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then she fell

Down the rabbit hole...through the looking glass...and dive into the crazy world of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.  An old hospital in Brooklyn serves as the backdrop for this immersive theater piece.  It's topsy turvy, intense. Intimate. Unique.  Full of Surprises.  Libations and treats to eat are mixed into the performances to supplement the "EAT ME" "DRINK ME" aspect of the story.  Experience the crazy tea party of the Mad Hatter, see Lewis Carroll's mysteriously intimate relationship with Alice,  Converse with the White Queen and White Rabbit. Paint the roses red!  Any more and I'll just ruin the surprise.  15 people per performance in the "audience" walking around.  A very different dynamic and scale if you've been to the other big immersive piece here in NYC, "Sleep No More" (also a good one if you haven't been).  Must check it out if you have a chance.  Currently playing through September 29.  Website here.

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dazzle ships

Camouflage tactic utilized in WWI not necessarily to conceal, but to confuse.  Distorting the outline of a ship which would confuse the enemy--making it difficult to estimate its size, speed and type upon approach.

I would love to design the patterns on one of these!  Just learned about them today.  My dress pattern sparked the conversation and now has me itching to learn more about them.  What a great name too!

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room 237 or 217 or 237

My head is now full of conspiracy theories found in Stanley Kubrick's movie, The Shining.  Room 237 is the documentary that explores the movie and all it's hidden meanings, themes, and subliminal messages.  Indian genocide, the Holocaust, faking the Moon Landing.......Creepy!  See it while it's still playing at the IFC.

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