them find their way

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These tiny cardboard robots designed by Kacie Kinzer roam the city in hopes that someone will help them find their way.  The robots are human-dependent--navigating the city with the help of people they encounter.  They roll in a straight line, at a constant speed.  The little flag at the top indicates their end goal destination.  If the Tweenbots are headed the wrong way, people who are willing to engage them will physically turn/point them in the right direction where it will continue to roll.

Soooo cute!  I hope I run into one soon! (Thanks Jeff for the find!)

Here's a map of it's run around Washington Square Park: (Course time = 42 mins.  People encountered = 29)


(images from Tweenbots site)

Posted on May 7, 2009 and filed under art & architecture, cool design stuff, interesting sites.